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Small in size extremely accurate and easy to use Infrared Thermometer. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance.
Produk terlaris dari Kyoritsu. Segera dapatkan dengan harga special

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Nikon Forestry Pro

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Nikon Forestry Pro
The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

The Forestry Pro is the enhanced model of the Forestry 550 Laser Rangefinder. This widely used and praised forestry industry specific laser rangefinder is now equipped with three-point measurement capability to meet market demands. This newly added function enables a user to obtain the height of a tree even when the top or base of a tree is blocked by branches or bushes, preventing the use of conventional separation measurement where the laser beam is required to reach those points.

Features :
• 6.0x Magnification
• 10-500 m Measurement Range
• Displays Linear/Horizontal Distance
• Laser Activator/Low Battery Indicators
• Two-Point/Three-Point Calculations
• Waterproof to 1 Meter for 10 Minutes
• Multicoated Monocular Optics
• High Eyepoint Design
• Crosshair Reticle


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