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Small in size extremely accurate and easy to use Infrared Thermometer. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance.
Produk terlaris dari Kyoritsu. Segera dapatkan dengan harga special

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Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level

Nikon AC-2S Automatic Level
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 From the Manufacturer

High-performance automatic levels featuring airtight, dry-nitrogen-filled optics. Waterproof and fog proof, these instruments provide high accuracy in humid tunnels, unforgiving terrain, and inclement weather. Key features for AC-2S automatic level are that it is compact and lightweight (1.25 kilograms/2.8 pounds). The built-in compensator automatically levels the line of sight over a wide compensation range of ±16 inches with a setting accuracy of ±0.5 inch. The powerful 24x telescope has a 30mm objective lens for clear, bright images in an erect and unreversed orientation.

The minimum focusing distance of 0.75 meters/2.46 feet lets you work even in confined places. Standard deviation for a 1-km double-run level is just ±2.0 mm. The horizontal tangent knobs have an unlimited range and can be operated with either hand. A friction brake enables quick, easy setting. The detachable eyepiece lens can be replaced with an optional diagonal eyepiece prism. Includes a specially designed base plate for mounting on either flat- or domed-head tripods. The water-resistant body construction allows use in light rain or dusty conditions. The AC-2S model is identical to the AC-2, except for the stadia line.

Specifications for AC-2S automatic level telescope: magnification 24x (35x or 17x with optional eyepiece lenses); Stadia line (AC-2s only); horizontal circle diameter of 110mm (4.3 inches); graduation interval 1 or 1gon; reading accuracy (by estimation) +-0.1 or 0.1gon; standard deviation: 1km double-run leveling ±2.0mm; automatic compensator: type wire suspension, magnetically dampened; range ±16 inches; setting accuracy ±0.5 inch.

Technical Details

    Built-in magnetic dampened automatic compensator levels the line-of-sight within the range of ±16 inches with setting accurate to within ±0.5 inch
    Horizontal tangent knobs have an unlimited range and can be operated with either hand
    A friction brake enables quick, easy setting and base plate designed for flat- or domed-head tripod mounting
    Water-resistant body construction allows use in light rain or dusty conditions
    Carrying case included


Telescope - Tube length: 7.5? (190 mm); Image: Erect; Effective diameter of objective lens: 1.2? (30 mm); Magnification: 24x; Field of view: 1°30' (2.6' at 100'); Resolution power: 3.5?; Minimum focusing distance: 2.46' (.75 m); Stadia ratio: 1:100. Automatic compensator - Type: Wire-hung, air damper; Setting accuracy: ±0.5?; Range: ±16'. Level vial sensitivity - Circular level: 10'/2 mm. Standard deviation (1-km double-run leveling) - Without micrometer: ±2.0 mm. Horizontal circle - Diameter of circle: 4.3? (110 mm); Minimum increment: 1°/1 g; Reading estimation: 0.1°/0.1 g. Weight - Instrument: 2.8 lbs.; Case: 2.7 lbs.

Standard Accesories:

    1x Unit Nikon AC2S
    1x Alumunium Tripod
    1x Levelling staff / Rambu Ukur


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