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Small in size extremely accurate and easy to use Infrared Thermometer. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance.
Produk terlaris dari Kyoritsu. Segera dapatkan dengan harga special

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Total Station Gowin TKS-202

Total Station Gowin TKS-202
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Finest Quality, Only From Gowin

Leveraging on Topcon’s optimal manufacturing excellences; GOWIN ensured every single production process of the TKS-202 Total Station is in compliance with international standards and went through strigent quality control.

From fully-automated EDM trials, to 48 hours of non-stop extreme environment conditioning testing, GOWIN Total Station demonstrated its durability and operational superiority, highlighting GOWIN commitment to constantly improve.

The Topcon Gowin Total Station TKS-202 is ideally suited for all jobs requiring the accuracy and versatility of a high-quality total station. Its ease of use makes it ideal for construction jobs like layout. It’s 2-second accuracy makes it perfect for the most demanding surveying and measuring tasks. Its low price makes it the right choice for every budget.

The Topcon Gowin Total Station TKS-202 provides an accurate, low cost measuring solution featuring:

    2″ angle accuracy provides 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 1,000ft.
    Dual keyboards with and expanded numeric keypad for faster data input.
    Accurately measure up to 2,000m with a single prism.
    Internal data storage for up to 24,000 points.
    Single axis compensator with ±3′ compensating range.
    IP54 environmental protection rating.

With a full alpha-numeric keypad and onboard memory that will hold up to 24,000 points, a 14-hour Li-on battery life, and an IP54 environmental rating, the Topcon Gowin Total Station TKS-202 is a full-featured instrument designed to meet the most rugged demands.

Onboard software includes functions such as road, missing line measurement and resection. For added efficiency, it is compatible with all current Topcon® and Sokkia® field controllers with a GTS series conventional total station driver installed.

Why work with out-dated instruments? The new Topcon Gowin Total Station TKS-202 lets you economically add the versatility and efficiency of a high-quality total station for all your layout, measuring, and surveying jobs.

Topcon Gowin Total Station TKS-202 Technical Specifications:
Model Name     Gowin TKS-202
Telescope     Objective Lens Diameter     45mm (EDM: 50mm)
Magnification     30x
Image     Erect
Field of View     1°30′
Resolving Power     3.0″
Min. Focus Distance     1.3m
Angle Measurement     Accuracy     2″
Method     Absolute
Minimum Reading     1″/5″
Distance Measurement
Distance Range     1 Prism     2,000
3 Prisms     2,700m
Accuracy     ±(+2mm + 2ppm x D**)m.s.e.
Measuring Time     Fine Measurement Mode     1.2 sec.(Intial 4 sec.)
Coarse Measurement Mode     0.7 sec.
Tracking Measurement Mode     0.4 sec.
Atmospheric Correction Range     Yes
Prism Constant Correction Range     Yes
Software & Memory
On-Board Software Functions     Data Collection, Resection, Road, Stakeout, Area Calculation, Height Measurement, etc.
Internal Memory     24,000 points
Interface     RS-232C (Standard)
Display     Display Unit     Graphics LCD, 2 Sides
Keyboard     24-Alpha-Numeric Key
Tilt Correction (Automatic Index)
Tilt Sensor     Yes
Correction Method     Liquid Type
Compensating Range     ± 3′
Level Senstivity
Plate Level     30″/2mm
Circular Level     10′/2mm
Optical Plummet Telescope
Image     Erect
Magnification     3x
Focusing Range     0.5 to infinity
Field of View     3° and above
Protection against water and dust***     IP 54 (with BT-L1 Battery)
Operating Temperature     -20°C~+50°C (-4°F~+122°F)
Dimension     336 (H) x 184 (W) x 172 (L)mm
Weight (with Battery)     4.8Kg
On Board Battery     BT-L1 (Lithium-ion)
Battery Charger     BC-L1
Maximum Operating Time
Including Distance Measurement     14 Hours
Angle Measurement Only     60 Hours
Output Voltage     DC 10V

Kelengkapan Paket:

    Unit Totalstation Gowin
    2x Tripod
    1x Prisma Polygon
    1x Prisma Detail + Pole
    CD Software dan Kabel data


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